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The Center for Behavior Intervention is a therapeutic facility designed to meet the needs of individuals displaying symptoms of Autism as well as neurological, developmental and/or behavioral concerns. CBI’s goal is to focus on the prerequisites to education so that students learn the necessary skills to function as independently as possible in their natural environment with minimal to no lifetime supports. At CBI, we first ensure the learner acquires a functional means of communication. Once this is established we teach social skills, daily living skills, and academics. Within these four areas, behavior management is addressed as needed, with a focus on reducing any inappropriate behaviors and replacing these behaviors with functionally equivalent and appropriate replacement behaviors.

Our staff includes a team of highly trained and skilled Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), and our education and methodologies are based on the principles of applied behavior analysis. Upon admission, a BCBA assesses each child’s skill repertoire using the Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills -- Revised (ABLLS-R) and the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP). Following the completion of these assessments, a BCBA develops individualized goals to teach each necessary skill. Learners at CBI may receive one-to-one instruction, small group instruction, and/or large group instruction, as deemed appropriate based on their current skill level.

Along with intensive instruction at Center for Behavior Intervention, our team also requires parent involvement to maximize consistency across the learners’s home and school environments. CBI requires that parents collect data on any inappropriate behaviors daily and return this data to school on a weekly basis. Parents are also required to attend monthly training sessions with our BCBAs that focus on their child’s behavior plan and goals. Your learner’s lead BCBA schedules these monthly training sessions for days and times that work for your family. Siblings are also encouraged to attend these trainings!


Center for Behavior Intervention (CBI) is dedicated to the education of individuals who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, other neurological, developmental, and behavioral disorders, or who display challenging or inappropriate behaviors that impede their ability to learn. CBI utilizes the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and believes that all individuals can learn regardless of age if given the proper tools and teaching methods. CBI individualizes the education of each learner and makes educational decisions based on accurate and valid data. CBI’s goal is to teach an individual to “learn how to learn” while creating an environment that provides the necessary tools for the learner to become independent with a functional repertoire of skills.
Board Certified Behavior Analysts

Lindsay Rice, MA, BCBA / Founder
Lindsay has been working with children and adults diagnosed with a variety of neurological and developmental disabilities for 20+ years. Lindsay learned at a young age that the unique needs of special populations would determine her future path. In 1999, Lindsay began her studies at Eastern Illinois University where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Therapeutic Recreation. After practicing for many years as a CTRS (Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist) in various settings, including outdoor recreation, home-based services, and clinical settings, she was introduced and impressed by the effective practices of ABA. It was an easy decision to return to school to continue learning the most efficient ways to provide treatment to those diagnosed with autism and other developmental disabilities. After graduating from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology with a Master’s Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis, Lindsay quickly incorporated Dynamic Behavior Consulting, LTD to immediately apply her newly acquired skills, knowledge, and abilities to serve individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. After several years of private practice Lindsay met and teamed up with fellow BCBA, Stephanie Beaulieu, with the goal of servicing a larger population. Following successful experiences contracting with large agencies, school districts, and hospital groups, Lindsay and Stephanie founded Academy of Excellence in Learning, Inc. and Center for Behavior Intervention, Inc. in 2012. Lindsay continues to passionately dedicate all her efforts to address the needs of individuals and families in multiple environments with respect and dignity, ensuring the unique needs of all learners are met with the most researched and effective treatments and educational methods.

Stephanie Beaulieu, MA, BCBA / Founder
Stephanie has been working with children and adults diagnosed with neurological and development disabilities for over 10 years. Growing up, Stephanie knew she wanted to work in a field that served children and adults in need of supports, but was not sure of the best direction for her education until she began working with children diagnosed with developmental and physical disabilities. Once she began working in the field of developmental disabilities, Stephanie knew she had found her passion. After graduating from Kansas State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, she was determined to educate herself in a way that would provide the very best treatment and services for the individuals she would serve. The search began, and in the fall of 2005, Stephanie began her coursework at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology for her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, specializing in Applied Behavior Analysis. The application of applied behavior analysis is currently the most effective treatment for children and adults with development and neurological disabilities. Stephanie knew that through the study and application of the science of ABA, she could change the lives of others by committing herself to the field and the clients she served. Stephanie graduated from The Chicago School in June of 2007 and opened her own private practice, SandyToes, LLC shortly after. She then teamed up with fellow BCBA, Lindsay Rice, and they founded Academy of Excellence in Learning, Inc. and Center for Behavior Intervention, Inc. in 2012.  Stephanie’s passion for teaching the population she serves is truly apparent in her work and in the change brought to the children and adults she serves.

Sharon Beak / Clinical Manager
Sharon Beak joined the CBI team in 2012 after moving from Kansas, where she graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis with an emphasis in Early Childhood Intervention from the University of Kansas (KU). Sharon always knew she wanted to work with children, but wasn’t sure which career path to take.  KU, one of the first facilities to teach ABA in the country, has a very prominent research/teaching facility on campus geared towards children, which sparked her interest and decided to take a class about ABA.  By the end of her first class, she knew ABA was what she wanted to do and has never regretted her decision. As an undergraduate, she was involved in assisting in several research projects, and worked her way up to supervising and managing the facility’s preschool classroom.  Once she graduated, she sought new experiences and the knowledge to learn how to apply ABA in different ways, which led her to CBI. She started working at CBI as a therapist providing 1:1 therapeutic services to learners between the ages of 3 and 14. Knowing she could be a valuable asset to the CBI team, she worked with the founders to carve out a job best suited to highlight her strengths and best support the company.  Sharon is currently seeking her Master's Degree in ABA at Arizona State University, and is expected to graduate in 2017 to become a BCBA. Once obtaining her BCBA, Sharon plans to continue to apply ABA, not only towards working with children with special needs, but to expand and apply it towards staff management and continue to improve the overall quality of services and experience at CBI.

Carla Bogran, MS, BCBA /  Director of Clinical Services
Carla has been working with children diagnosed with neurological and development disabilities for about 10 years. Growing up, Carla enjoyed teaching children with special needs and was part of several non-profit organizations in her native country, Honduras, Central America. She graduated from Loyola University New Orleans with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Halfway through her studies, she learned about the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, and in the fall of 2013, started her studies to attain a Master’s of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Carla’s experience and training at the Center for Behavior Intervention has provided her with an extensive understanding of all levels of care and application of ABA. First, she started working as a therapist, providing 1:1 therapeutic services to all learners. Following her success in this area, she was introduced to other aspects of treatment, including assessments, data analysis, and staff training. Currently, Carla manages a caseload of learners, under the supervision of Stephanie Beaulieu, MA BCBA and Lindsay Rice, MA BCBA, where she provides programming, assessment, and behavior reduction recommendations. Carla enjoys every aspect of her job and strives to give each learner the best care possible through individualized treatments. Carla’s goal is to utilize ABA strategies to provide each learner with the tools to attain the highest level of independence possible.

Amanda Popovich MA, BCBA
As a child, Amanda knew she wanted to teach and inspire children in some way. She began working as a respite care provider while pursuing her undergraduate degree at Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, IN. Amanda cared for clients diagnosed with developmental delays while also working at the college’s pre-school. Amanda earned her Bachelors in Psychology as well as a Minor in Communicative Disorders in 2007. She was then admitted into an audiology program to earn a PsyD. in Audiology. The summer after graduating from her undergrad Amanda began working at a residential treatment facility for wards of the state as a 1:1 caregiver for a young boy with Autism, his sister with Asperger’s Syndrome and a young boy with Down Syndrome. She quickly realized that Audiology was not her calling, but rather working with children who had special needs. After researching special education, Amanda felt drawn to Applied Behavior Analysis. She obtained her Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in June of 2012. She then began her career as a behavioral consultant working with children and adults with special needs. In February 2015 Amanda became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and was eager to work primarily with children in an intensive setting. Amanda began working for the Center for Behavior Intervention May of 2015 as a BCBA. Amanda enjoys all aspects of her position, especially seeing first hand the progress of CBI learner’s.

Rachael Dial MS, BCBA
Rachael has been practicing ABA therapy with individuals with disabilities for 10 years.  Even at a young age, Rachael was always interested in working with children with special needs, but wasn't sure at first where to start.  When looking for a major at College of Charleston, she came across ABA for the first time at the career center and knew immediately this was what she was born to do.  After graduating with a BS in psychology, Rachael attended Auburn University's masters program for applied behavior analysis for developmental disabilities and became a BCBA in 2008.  Since then, she has worked with toddlers, children, teens, and adults on anything from basic imitation and language skills to job skills and complex social interaction. Rachael has a passion for bettering lives through science and strives to give every student the opportunity to be the best they can be.

Assistant Behavior Analysts provide valuable support to the BCBA team via training RBT's to ensure full support for learner programming and BIP implementation. All Assistant Behavior Analysts have passed “Behavior Boot Camp” through CBI, a trademarked program developed by Lindsay Rice and Stephanie Beaulieu, as well as intensive individualized training. Each Assistant Behavior Analyst is currently attending a Master’s level education program in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis and are closely supervised by a BCBA on a daily basis.

Also known as RBT's, theses dedicated individuals are those who work one on one with CBI learners on a daily basis.  Any individual wanting to work with CBI learners is required to obtain an RBT certification from the BACB (Behavior Analyst Certification Board).  The CBI team provides access to this training as well as the BCBA supervision necessary to obtain the RBT certification prior to qualifying to take the exam.  CBI holds their team members to the highest of standards in the field to ensure your loved one and family receive the highest quality services available.    
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