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CBI offers ABA services daily, part time and/or hourly for INDIVIDUALS OF ALL AGES and ABILITIES.

The Center for Behavior Intervention is a therapeutic treatment center designed to meet the needs of individuals displaying symptoms of Autism as well as neurological, developmental and/or behavioral concerns. CBI’s goal is to focus on the prerequisites to education and daily living so that students learn the necessary skills to function as independently as possible in their natural environment with minimal to no lifetime supports.

To ensure young learners have a strong foundation of the prerequisite skills necessary to be successful in an educational setting, CBI offers intensive ABA therapy for those who are not yet enrolled in school, typically 1-6 years of age. CBI recommends this level of treatment for any individual diagnosed with Autism, at risk for autism, and/or showing signs/symptoms of Autism. CBI provides 15-40+ hours per week of intensive therapy by highly trained and skilled therapist.  Each program is unique to meet the individualized needs of each learner and their family.  Services take place in any of the following environments (or a combination of): CBI clinic, home, school, & community.  Our team is dedicated to working with your familiy to do what is in the best interest of your loved one, and will help them reach their maximim level of independence. 


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